Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Delicious Challenge

I so can't remember where I bought it, but it was the packaging that caught my eye. The taste was magnificent, too, but even as I was eating it, I was thinking, "I'm soooo using this as inspiration!"

And I still haven't! But during this month, I WILL! And I hope you can, too!

I know we're all so busy, so I want to make this easy. Make SOMETHING using this wrapper as your inspiration. I will find a guest judge to chose the winner , then find a fun prize for whomever they pick that tickles their fancy the most!

And now...presenting......Herbert's Fully Loaded Berry Good Dark Chocolate Bar WRAPPER!

Please link to your entry in the comments section! Thanks so much! If it's a super long link, email it to me- Thanks again!


TracyP said...

I did this LO of my favourite food. It was 100% inspired by the packet!! And I think it looks quite like the packet too :) .... ...

Thanks for the opportunity
Tracy Fiskateer #4168

michelle said...

ThIs looks like great fun!

michelle said...

link to the done page.

Bronwyn Bell said...

*comes running in doing a jiggle getting tangled in clothes all over the floor and lastly stumbling over the suitcase - fortunate enough NOT to fall into it*

I completed it just bang on deadline! - its now 1.30am on the 30th of June in NZ as i leave this comment haha.